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Laura Cana: “Roma can’t get jobs because they are discriminated and marginalized”

writenWritten the 09/07/2015

During the 28th Congress Session, Laura Cana, Youth Delegate at the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, talked to us about the situation of Roma in Romania and on issues linked to Roma Youth inclusion. She particularly mentioned the vicious circle of exclusion affecting the situation of Roma in Romania nowadays. Laura points out that...
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The Region of Andalusia is the 129th participant of the Alliance

writenWritten the 24/06/2015

With around half of all Spanish Roma living in the region (around 300 000 Roma), Andalusia is the region in Spain with the highest number of Roma. The European Alliance of Cities and Regions for Roma Inclusion is happy to announce that it has accepted the accession of the Region of Andalusia, which now is its 129th participant. Andalusia...
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First National Seminar in Serbia on Roma Inclusion facilitated sharing of experiences and good-practices

writenWritten the 16/06/2015

Dusica Davidovic (Serbia, SOC), Stojanka Lekic (Serbia, EPP/CCE) and Fevzija Muric on behalf of Meho Mahmutovic (Serbia, SOC), Congress members, representatives of Serbian municipalities, and representatives of the Serbian Government participated in the First National Seminar in Serbia organised by the European Alliance of Cities and Regions...
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Juliana Hoxha: “Roma should be part of the priority-setting process.”

writenWritten the 20/05/2015
(c) CoE

On the occasion of the 28th Congress Session, Congress member and municipal councilor from Tirana (Albania) Juliana Hoxha expressed her thoughts on various issues Roma are still facing in Albania. Although Roma in some places represent a significant electoral force, they remain largely marginalized when talking about effective participation...
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The municipality of Tivat is the 127th participant of the Alliance

writenWritten the 06/05/2015
(c) Wikipedia.org

While the municipality of Tivat has just 14.111 inhabitants, nearly 400 of them are Roma or Egyptians. The Local Action Plan, created 2011 in cooperation with the Association of Egyptians and the NGO ‘CSO Young Roma’, shows Tivat’s motivation to tackle the exclusion of Roma from multiple perspectives.

Tivat successfully...
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