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Overcoming barriers by listening to young Roma

writenWritten the 18/12/2014
(c) CoE

John Warmisham is the Congress’ Rapporteur for Roma issues. In this interview he explains the importance of making efforts to include Roma Youth at local and regional level. The voice of Roma, especially the one of young Roma leaders, has to have a place, as stated by the Congress’ Recommendation 354 (2014) on ‘Empowering Youth through...
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The greek city of Megara is the newest Alliance participant

writenWritten the 05/12/2014
(c) Wikimedia

The European Alliance of Cities and Regions for Roma Inclusion is happy to announce its 124th participant, as the Greek city of Megara decided to join the initiative to learn mutually about Roma inclusion. In his letter to Congress President Jean-Claude Frécon, mayor Stamoulis Grigorios wrote that the city of Megara undertakes numerous...
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Interview with Dobrica Milovanovic: “Narrowly focused interventions do not bring big changes.”

writenWritten the 25/11/2014
(c) CoE

In an interview with the Alliance for Roma Inclusion, Congress member Dobrica Milovanovic from Serbia advocates for a comprehensive approach to Roma Inclusion on local level, to avoid merely temporary achievements. According to him, it is crucial to adopt an approach that features multiple stakeholders and perspectives. He refers to the good...
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Interview w Ludmila Sfirloaga on Roma Inclusion

writenWritten the 22/10/2014

On the occasion of the 27th Congress Session, Congress Bureau member Ludmila Sfirloaga stated why she thinks cities and regions from Europe should join the Alliance for Roma Inclusion in order to integrate Roma into mainstream society. Mrs. Sfirloaga is a regional councillor of Prahova, Romania, where also the newest Alliance participant...
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National workshop of the Alliance in Paris

calendarFrom 13/02/2014 to 13/02/2014

The Town of Paris joins the Alliance

writenWritten the 18/12/2013

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