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John Warmisham: “There is a need to work closely with local and regional authorities to tackle the issue of Roma inclusion”


“Policy measures at local and regional level are decisive for bringing about real improvement in the social inclusion of Roma, across the key areas of education, housing, employment and health “stated John Warmisham, Congress Rapporteur on Roma issues at the Launching Conference of the ROMACT/ROMED 2 Programmes in Milan on 18 January 2014. He highlighted that through platforms such as the Alliance of cities and regions for Roma inclusion and programmes such as ROMACT/ROMED, “not only poverty and social exclusion that Roma population is facing can be fought, but it can be anticipated and it can be prevented”. He insisted on the fact that “the participation of people experiencing poverty and exclusion as well as the accountability of all key stakeholders must be the two guidelines of the collective battle to promoting democratic governance”.