The "Alliance" fights discrimination against Roma at the local and regional levels, promotes their inclusion and raises awareness of these communities among local and regional authorities.

The Alliance operates under the auspices of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.

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130 cities and regions from 29 countries

Please note

The term “Roma and Travellers” is used at the Council of Europe to encompass the wide diversity of the groups covered by the work of the Council of Europe in this field including Roma, Sinti/Manush, Calé, Kaale, Romanichals, Boyash/Rudari, Balkan Egyptians (Egyptians and Ashkali), Eastern groups (Dom, Lom and Abdal), groups such as Travellers, Yenish, and the populations designated under the administrative term “Gens du voyage”, as well as persons who identify themselves as Gypsies.


Report on “Empowering Roma youth participation” adopted during the 26th Congress Session


The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities adopted a report on “Empowering Roma youth through participation: effective policy design at local and regional levels” on 26 March 2014 during the 26th Congress Session. This report was prepared by co-rapporteurs Inger Linge and John Warmisham, Congress Vice-President and Rapporteur on Roma Issues. It states that “the role of inter-governmental organizations should be first and foremost to support and assist the efforts carried out at national, regional and especially local level” The presentation of the report was followed by a debate and a vote on the draft resolution and the draft recommendation.

The report underlines in particular that the Alliance “can be instrumental in promoting empowerment of young Roma at local and regional levels” and invites “local and regional authorities to join the European Alliance of Cities and Regions for Roma Inclusion”.

Link: Congress Report "Empowering Roma youth through participation: effective policy design at local and regional levels" (2014)