The "Alliance" fights discrimination against Roma at the local and regional levels, promotes their inclusion and raises awareness of these communities among local and regional authorities.

The Alliance operates under the auspices of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.

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130 cities and regions from 29 countries

Please note

The term “Roma and Travellers” is used at the Council of Europe to encompass the wide diversity of the groups covered by the work of the Council of Europe in this field including Roma, Sinti/Manush, Calé, Kaale, Romanichals, Boyash/Rudari, Balkan Egyptians (Egyptians and Ashkali), Eastern groups (Dom, Lom and Abdal), groups such as Travellers, Yenish, and the populations designated under the administrative term “Gens du voyage”, as well as persons who identify themselves as Gypsies.


Signature of a Cooperation Agreement between the Congress and the European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF)

Congress President Herwig van Staa and Rudko Kawczynski, President of the European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF), officially signed on 26th March, in the framework of the 26th Congress Session, a cooperation agreement between the ERTF and the Congress.

This agreement is aimed at deepening cooperation between the Congress and the ERFT in pursuit of their common objective of Roma inclusion in European societies and their participation in public life and refers specifically to the work of the Alliance. It underlines in particular that “the European Alliance of Cities and Regions for Roma Inclusion will offer a framework for joint efforts, at operational level, to promote Roma inclusion policies at local and regional level”.

In scope with the cooperation agreement, “regular exchanges of information will also take place between the ERTF and the Alliance Taskforce, especially those dealing with concrete projects developed in the field by the Alliance, with a view to sharing expertise, planning possible joint activities and follow-up of their implementation.”

Link: European Roma and Travellers Forum